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добавлен: 2011-08-22
2011-08-22 20:04:00
Ponomarenko is junior Ukrainian champion!
Ilya Ponomarenko, a cyclist representing Donetsk region, won the Ukrainian Junior Road Championship in the group race.

добавлен: 2011-03-09
2011-03-09 16:42:00
Lucescu hails Shakhtar's bright young things
Mircea Lucescu said his FC Shakhtar Donetsk side "have a great future ahead of them" after a 6-2 aggregate victory over AS Roma secured their place in next Friday's quarter-final draw.

добавлен: 2009-08-11
2009-08-11 08:44:00
Gold and bronze of Donbass at the World cycling championship
There was a reason to be happy for the Ukrainian fans at the World junior championship, held in Moscow.

добавлен: 2009-06-01
2009-06-01 10:56:00
Donetsk youth did well in Cherkassy
In Cherkassy was held the open Ukrainian championship in cycling among juniors.

добавлен: 2009-05-12
2009-05-12 20:56:00
Donetsk rider wins the race in Kharkov
Ukrainian cycling championship on road among the juniors, born 1993-1994, finished yesterday with the victory of the Donetsk rider.

добавлен: 2009-04-06
2009-04-06 19:59:50
Donetsk sports women on the pedestal of the Ukrainian mountain bike championship
In Odessa finished the Ukrainian championship in mountain bike. 120 riders were competing in dual-slalom.

добавлен: 2009-03-23
2009-03-23 17:34:00
Young Donetsk representatives proving that they are the best in Ukraine
At the all-Ukrainian cycling competitions, held in Crimea, Donetsk sportsmen occupied all the pedestal.

добавлен: 2009-02-03
2009-02-03 15:45:00
Donetsk junior still has to gain the authority
In the last season Viktoriya Kanonenko, who was performing well at the European and World championships, became one of the main heroes of the Donetsk region cycling.

добавлен: 2008-10-27
2008-10-27 16:57:00
Memorial of Amatuny confirmed the class of Donetsk
The Ukrainian championship in cyclocross  - the Memorial of the Honoured coach of Ukraine Arkadiy Amatuny - was held in Donetsk.

добавлен: 2008-10-02
2008-10-02 22:20:00
Junior beat the "candidates"
The Mariinka representative 13-year-old Denis Samoylenko became one of the heroes of the mountain bike SC ISD CUP race, held in Donetsk.

добавлен: 2008-10-02
2008-10-02 22:19:00
Rodion Brazhnik likes to win at the Donetsk courses
Rodion Brazhnik from Gorlovka is showing very stable results by winning the junior starts in mountain bike at the Donetsk roads.

добавлен: 2008-09-29
2008-09-29 20:03:00
Aleksandr Gerashchenko: finished second, won gold
The Donetsk rider Aleksandr Gerashchenko became the winner of the Ukrainian championship in mountain bike on the short circle, held yesterday in Donetsk in Shcherbakov park.

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Sergey Taruta: "Participation in "Giro d'Italia" will ride the interest to cycling in Ukraine"

"Industrial Union of Donbass" Corporation already long time ago recommended itself as the structure, which pays the special attention to sport. This year under the name of corporation is competing at the prestigious races new Ukrainian-Italian cycling team ISD. The "hot" news about the participation of the team in the jubilee stage race "Giro d'Italia" only rises the interest to the team and Ukrainian cycling in general. The head of the director's counsil of ISD Corporation Sergey Alekseevich Taruta is also watching closely the performance of the team in yellow-black clothes. He shared his impressions in the interview to

- Sergey Alekseevich, since the moment of presentation passed just on and a half month. Can you say, that riders of ISD are in the schedule?

- I think that for the team, which is less then two months old, our guys are even in front of the schedule. Look only at the debut of the team at the Tour de san-Luis in Argentina, where Andrey Grivko was fourth in the general classification. He left behind leaders of many teams, for who the conditions were much more favorable - from the climate, sports shape as many of them were already in the middle of the season, not just riding the first race of the year... Nevertheless this facts, our participants did everything to make the specialists and fans to remark the team. And I think that they reached the set goals.

- Can you say the same thing about the starts in Italy and Malaysia?

- The recent opening of the season in Italy was successful. Because of the long lead of the ISD representatives in this race this team was remarked in Europe, it drew the attention of the fans, journalists and specialists. In Italy we had the special conditions, because we had both, Italian and Ukrainian riders in the team. They are well known in the cycling world. Among Italians these are Giovanni Visconti. Dario Cioni and Oscar Gatto. Ukrainians - Andrey Grivko, Dmitriy Grabovsky, Vladimir Dyudya. I think, we passed this test. Now in the race in Malaysia, where we were in little bit unequal conditions with the other collectives, who already started the season before, the other part of our team is going to show the class. For those riders, who went to Malaysia, this is the first start and they are looking forward to do well.

S. Taruta together with M.Cipollini and D.Visconti at the presentation of the ISD team (December, 29, 2008)

- Not so long time ago came the great news about the participation of the ISD Team in one of the most prestigious races of the world "Giro d'Italia". What does it mean for the team and corporation in general?

- No doubt, that for the team it's the great chance and great responsibility. All the world is watching "Giro". Not one detail of the performance of our team will not hide from the cycling fans. And I think, that here is important not only the work of the riders, but also of all the staff and administration of the team. I hope that all the collective will be working as one machine, which will give the final result. However good it will be, it will leave the certain mark on members of our team and will give this experience, which you can not get while participating in the other races. For our corporation participation of ISD team in "Giro d"Italia" has a great meaning. This will be the jubilee, hundredth race. I think that because of participation of our team in this event the interest to "Giro d'Italia" and to cycling in general will become much bigger in our country. Because for the first time there is the team with Ukrainian roots, which managed to gather under its colours the leaders of the national cycling.

Dmitriy BULYGA, press-secretary of SC ISD.

Photo of Valeriy BELOKRYL.










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Who grabbed the saddle of Davide Cimolai?
A week after Gp Costa degli Etruschi, Lampre-ISD raced again in Italy, this time in Challenge Calabria. In Tuscany blue-fuchsia team had supported Petacchi, in Calabria the captain for the first stage (Melito Porto Salvo-Chiaravalle Centrale, 170,2 km) was Davide Cimolai (Bettini photo), since the course was suitable for fast riders.

ISD-LAMPRE Continental in 2011: year of stability and new leaders
ISD-Lampre Continental team is now busy training in Turkey. While there's still much time before the official competitions in 2012, we fill the off-season pause by remembering 2011. This is the first part of 2011 season summary.

Saronni comments the start of the season: "Alessandro showed a quite good fit in Australia"
San Vincenzo training camp and Tour Down Under. In January, Lampre-ISD was involved on these two fronts. General manager Giuseppe Saronni observed both activities of the team and these are his comments on the start of 2012 season to Lampre-ISD website:   “As in the previous years, the season began very soon, so in January we are already deeply involved in races.

Scarponi: "The choice of Giro d’Italia or Tour de France is still open"
No rest in the weekend for Lampre-ISD’s athletes in San Vincenzo training camp.   The blue-fuchsia cyclists pedaled also on Saturday and on Sunday, but the trainings had a pause when general manager Saronni reached Residence Riva degli Etruschi in order to meet the team and to talk with the riders, especially with Cunego and Scarponi.

2012 Tour Down Under: teammates help Petacchi
Two podiums in the first big race in 2012 for Lampre - ISD captain Alessandro Petacchi.   After the second place obtained in the opening stage of Tour Down Under (February 17-23, Australia, WT), Alessandro Petacchi (on photo © Sirotti) ended his first experience in the Australian race conquering the third place in the 6th stage (Adelaide Circuit, 90 km).


Italians from ISD among the heroes of the second stage at "Giro d'Italia"
For the second day in a row the riders of the ISD Cycling Teams don't stop impressing the fans at the stage race "Giro d'Italia". Today's stage was the second one in a row to be very successful for the Ukrainian-Italian group.

Andrea Marconi : « In the SC ISD there are the strongest sportsmen in Ukraine
The professional sport team consists not only of the sportsmen and coaches. Good management does not ensure the victories but may become the good help for the sportsmen to reach the results. The direction of the SC ISD chose the European way and asked the Italian specialist Andrea Marconi to become the Executive Director of the “ISD-International” team.

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